NuPlant believes in having the best people
Findlay Andrews, Chairman and Non-Executive Director

Findlay Andrews has had a long association with a wide variety of small and large agricultural pursuits in Australia, covering the supply chain from farming, chemical supply, and equipment manufacture, to food processing, as well as management experience with a major global agribusiness company. He currently has interests in food manufacturing enterprises, including Prepared Foods Australia and Mariani Foods. He is also the majority shareholder and Chairman of Cox Industries Australia Pty Ltd, Australia’s largest manufacturer of ride-on mowers. Findlay has a reputation for identifying businesses with potential upside and helping to fully realize this. He brings a wealth of business experience to NuPlant.


Bob Teasdale, Executive Director and Managing Director

Bob Teasdale has 30 years of experience improving woody plants. This has included leading teams that successfully produced the first saturated genetic maps of a range of species including temperate and tropical pines, eucalypts, and grapes; made key advances in the molecular biology of flowering in trees; and developed robotic systems for propagating plants. He is also a past-President of the Australian Society for Plant Physiologists, the leading plant science society in Australia. Bob leads the scientific research on propagation systems and genetic improvement of NuPlant’s target species.

John Cox, Non-Executive Director

Dr Cox is a Queensland medical graduate with international (Lond., Edin.) specialist qualifications in genetics and paediatrics, and has practiced for 30 years.  His professional interests in growth and genetics has lead him to be a director of companies involved in plant and animal genetics and the factors assisting optimal development. John has also been involved in bio-ethics, including a recent period on the technical committee of the Office of the Gene Regulator for Australia. He is presently a representative on the Queensland branch of the Australian Medical Association. He is interested in the practical and commercial application of research advances, and firmly believes in the advancement of science to benefit the environment.  



SmartClone™ - Tougher plantlets faster

SmartClone™ changes the tissue culture paradigm. NuPlant’s key technology allows conditions to be customized for each growth phase for more robust plantlets, grading for uniformity, robotic handling for laboratory efficiency, easy soil transfer, and a head start for accelerated nursery growth.